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Coach Krane's May Message: Loose on the Reins

There’s a variety of philosophies head coaches can choose. Since accepting the head coach role last summer, I’ve been implementing a “loose reins” culture that has worked for me and is comparable to well-known coaches such as Nick Saban, Andy Reid and Bruce Bochy. Change happens slowly and isn’t always easy.

For our varsity squad, the schedule and approach have always been about the month of May. After four months of practices, workouts, travel and competing, we want to bring as much emotional and physical energy into the post-season as possible. 

Across pretty much all sports and age levels, teams that succeed in the post season have four things in common: chemistry, optimism, joy and confidence. For that to happen, players need to be empowered to make more decisions. The games and practices should be fun. Players should expect to win every time out. They cannot be afraid to fail and must process it when it happens.

This concept applies to a wide range of endeavors. Horses achieve maximum performance when the rider is loose on the reins. This gives the horse more control of its head. The benefit is both rider and horse work together, increasing performance and satisfaction for both.

Read the rest of Coach Krane's message along with his note to our six graduating seniors by clicking here!


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