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A Message from Coach Krane: 2023 Fall Ball Has Arrived!

It’s official! Fall baseball has arrived! We have more than 40 athletes taking part in the 2023 Cougar Baseball Club fall program.

So what is fall club baseball and what’s the mission?

Fall baseball is about participation and forming a depth chart for the 2024 spring season. The season also focuses heavily on player development. Perhaps a player is working on a new position or making adjustments to his swing. Pitchers often work on developing velocity and stamina to throw “another pitch or two.” Fall baseball — like our summer program — is offered through the Evergreen Cougar Baseball Club (ECBC). For the past 20 years, the Evergreen High School baseball program and ECBC have been closely aligned. Not only does the Cougar Baseball Club provide funds and coordination to make the spring school seasons possible, it handles all baseball operations for summer and fall. This allows for players to have a closer and more affordable club experience. Not every spring season player participates in the ECBC summer or fall programs nor are they required to do so.

This year we fielded two Fall Ball Teams: 18 & under “Gold” and 16 & under “Navy” teams.

Our coaching staff is prioritizing footwork, handling adversity, playing fast, and finding creative ways to slow down our opponents’ running game. Expect to see players moving around defensively, as no player is a lock for any position on any team as of now. Our coaching staff will work to balance participation and will be looking for teamwork and competitiveness. We do expect to swing some players between our Gold and Navy rosters through the Fall Ball season.

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