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Today Sat 5/9 Photo/Refund pickup & Jersey drop off

REMINDER: EBB has player/team photos and refund checks ready. We are providing families an opportunity to pick them up and to simultaneously drop off player game jerseys which are district owned.

WHEN: Saturday 5/9/20 10am-Noon

WHERE: Wulf Tennis Court parking lot

BRING: player game jerseys (V/JV, please bring both game jerseys)

PICKUP: your player/team photos and refund checks

Checks that are not picked up, will be mailed to family households.



Please remain in your vehicle as you stop at each station. The two volunteers will maintain 10ft distance.

Station 1: Jerseys

  1. Stop at station and hold up jerseys to display number to Station 1 Volunteer.

  2. Drop jerseys into boxes that will be accessible from driver or passenger side of your vehicle. Please do not touch boxes.

  3. Wait for Station 2 Volunteer to tell you to move forward to Station 2

Station 2: Photos and Checks

  1. Station 2 Volunteer will have placed your envelope of photos and refund check into a shallow box sitting on a table accessible from the driver's side of your car.

  2. Drive forward to Station 2 and pick up the envelope. Please do not touch the box or table.


Below is the protocol that was followed for photo/check handling. Please note that a study published April 2, 2020 in medical journal The Lancet revealed that SARS-CoV-2 virus could not be found on printing paper after 3 hours.

  • All photo envelopes were provided to EBB President in one oversized, sealed Ziploc bag several days ago.

  • EBB President wore a mask and rubber gloves when handling the envelopes: placing photo/check envelopes into individual ziploc bags for each player/family.

  • At Station 2, EBB President will open a player’s Ziploc bag and let the photo envelope fall out into a shallow basket set on a table that will be accessible from vehicles (she will not touch envelopes).

Thank you in advance for following the protocol and keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Evergreen Baseball Boosters

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