Spring Weather Updates

Today’s Varsity game vs. GMHS is cancelled due to weather. 

Today's JV game vs. GMHS is also cancelled, as GMHS field is also unplayable.

We have rescheduled the Varsity game for Saturday 5/11 at 12pm at EHS.

This will be followed by the JV game vs. GMHS at 2:30pm.

Our field is not playable for at least the next 2 days.  Coaches and players did a great job tarping, knocking down nets, storing gear last weekend.  Now, we have to come up with a plan to get it back into playing shape (again). 

We have been assigned by the school the small gym 5-6p each night. That is for our program and other sports need and want that time slot if we do not use it. Coach Lipka has asked for additional time in the small gym.

We have our cages.  Varsity will hit, run bullpen sessions 3-6p.

JV will use weight room 4:30-5p then throw in the small gym 5-6p then use cages 6-7p.

CT will use the weight room 5-5:30p, rotate up to the small gym 5-6p, study in the library 6-7p then use cages 7-8p.

Program Coach responsibilities and oversight:

In the Weight room - Hirsch

Cardio- Pearson

In the Cages- Lipka, Krane, Gardiner

With Pitchers- Bulliard

JV – Stiles

C Team – Gary Dekoker

A Coach will be with players at all times and coaches and players are responsible for set up, gear storage and clean-up. Players to leave their big roll bags home - just bring their Cougar Player Gear bags.  

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