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Request for Help with Batting Cage Work on Saturday, August 7th (tomorrow)

We’re requesting that a group of players and a few parents help with some work on Saturday August 7th on the new batting cage at Cougar field. Apologies for the late notice but want to make sure the word gets out. This message was sent out a week ago via numerous communication platforms.

We are planning on pouring the concrete footers for the ground sleeves for the eight batting cage support poles.

1. Saturday 9 AM - ?? PM

a. Lunch and drinks provided.

2. Activities:

a. Carry bags of concrete mix from parking lot to batting cage area.

b. Tie rebar cages together.

c. Set sonotube height with stakes.

d. Set sleeves. We will need a bunch of 6 or 8 inch C-clamps.

e. Wheel barrow gravel from trailer to holes.

f. Set rebar cages in holes.

g. Mix concrete in wheel barrows by hand using a shovel.

h. Pour concrete into holes.

3. Additional tools needed:

a. 4’ levels

b. Drills with Phillips head

c. Pliers

d. 6 or 8 inch C-Clamps

There is a lot of work that needs to get done on Saturday. The time required to complete the work is a function of the number of people that help.

Please contact Damien Gonsman (303-710-4500) or Mike Read (303-638-1442) if you have any questions.



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