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Reminder: Membership Meeting 11.21.19

Items we will cover in the membership meeting are proposed bylaw amendments (found below), scoreboard, Spring 2020 and initial plans for Summer/Fall 2020. This does not take the place of our annual membership meeting which is typically held in January and covers additional topics (e.g. proposed annual budget).


In preparation for the general membership meeting, please review the board's proposed bylaw amendments found below.

Current Bylaw: ARTICLE VIII Section 4. Board member terms shall be for a period of one (1) year (from Annual membership meeting to the following year’s Annual membership meeting). Board members may serve up to three (3) consecutive terms.

Proposed Amendment: Board member terms shall be for a period of one (1) year (from the November membership meeting to the following year’s November membership meeting). Board members may serve up to four (4) consecutive terms.

Rationale for Amendment:

  • November timing: Onboarding new board members in mid-January (typically the timing of the Annual membership meeting) while in the throws of preparing and executing for Spring Season makes for a difficult onboarding and transition process, is taxing on board members and prevents new board members from participating in the planning of the upcoming annual budget. Moving the timing allows for onboarding during off-season and the ability to include new board members in the annual budget planning process and final planning for upcoming seasons.

  • Length of service: historically some board members have exceeded 3 consecutive terms. One major reason has been due to lack of volunteers to serve on the board.

Bylaws at large: In some cases, reference to players are gender biased (e.g. son).

Proposed Amendment: Omit all player gender references and remain gender neutral. "Player" and/or “student athlete” will be used in lieu of gender biased titles.

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