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Membership Meeting Thursday January 30, 2020 at 6pm

The membership meeting will be this Thursday at 6pm at EHS Library.


2019 Review (Budget reconciliation, accomplishments & learnings)

New EBB policies

2020 Spring trip

2020 Summer/Fall preview

2020 Volunteer roles

2020 Budget

Board Elections (Reminder: one vote per family. Families must be in Good Standing - meaning no outstanding financial payments due to EBB - to be eligible to vote or run for a board position)


Families will be asked to provide $500 deposits for 2020 Spring Break Trip (& Spring Season for C Team) by February 24, 2020. We will be accepting deposits at the membership meeting. The deposits will help cover pre-payments EBB must provide to vendors for the following:

  • V/JV bus to/from AZ

  • V/JV/C Team AZ team hotel

  • V/JV/C Team AZ game fees

  • C Team Spring league fees


Annual roles:

Board Secretary/Communications Dir

Webmaster (WIX)

Social media manager

all of the above roles require use of technological platforms - if learning basic technology frustrates you, this may not be the best fit

Grant researcher

Grant writer

Creative Writer: EHS Baseball History & Alum


Rodeo Parade Sign-ups, float, team participation, communication, coordination with EHS marching band and WJBB


Project Managers:

Storage Shed Repair/Setup: Repair door, install shelves, paint, etc.

Concession Stand interior: Cabinets, lock storage, layout

March Field Days

Winter Field Days

Event Leaders:

Team Potluck Dinner Thurs 3/5 EHS Library: This year will include players and parents and be used as a Spring informational/kickoff. Board members will prepare informational/presentation content

Senior Day

Spring Banquet