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EBB MEMBERSHIP SPECIAL MEETING Please join us on Tuesday August 13th at 6pm in the EHS Library for a Special Meeting to vote on a Concession Stand renovation budget. Renovations are needed to bring the concession stand up to Jeffco building code. Failure to do so will prohibit our usage of the concession stand which is an important source of revenue for the Booster Club. The EBB filed for a Home Depot materials grant and although we were led to believe by local representatives that EBB approval was likely, we have been denied by corporate because EHS does not meet corporate grant criteria (e.g. diversity). We will review a proposal in our special meeting to fund these renovations and if we receive approval, we hope to break ground the very next day 8/14. The Special Meeting is being called in accordance with EBB bylaws:

  • Section 5: The Board may call special meetings of the General Membership, varying from the published schedule. A minimum of seven (7) days’ notice must be given to the General Membership for special meetings.

  • Section 10: The following matters shall constitute the “Major Decisions” and shall require the approval of a majority of the General Membership in attendance at a regular or specially called meeting of the General Membership:

  • c. Variations to any one line-item of the approved Annual Budget in excess of 25% of such line item amount, equaling more than $1000.

16U FALL TOURNAMENT DATE CORRECTION 16U does not have a tournament on Labor Day weekend. 16U is scheduled to participate in the Top of the Rockies tournament on 9/14-9/15.

ARIZONA TOURNAMENT We will have at least two teams playing in this tournament and possibly three. We are still gauging player commitment and other factors to finalize this information. We hope to have these details finalized as early as this coming week and as late as the week of 8/12.

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