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First Message of 2019

Evergreen H.S. Cougar Baseball

Evergreen Cougar Baseball Club

These messages are meant to update and inform interested student-athletes and their parents for both programs the EHS Cougar Baseball (Spring H.S.) program and the Evergreen Cougar Baseball Club program. Please make sure you have read previously posted to our website messages and that you have read the posted in the cages messages.


his message updates our voluntary workout opportunities.

Winter 2019 VOLUNTARY Workout Schedule

REVISED 1.9.18

This schedule was revised once again after our open to all interested players

classroom session as held today.


Weight Room

6-6:45A (focus on core strength) followed by hitting drills in the cages 6:45-7:15A.

Then get to class. This was offered on a first to raise their hand – first to get in basis since we have

limited space. These sessions have been well received and we appreciate the effort that players have

made to date

. Starting this week we are opening up the Monday and Wednesday sessions to all

interested players.

We only ask that players that attend are truly committed to at least two early

morning weight training sessions per week i.e. Monday and Wednesday mornings. Friday is limited to

just those players that have been coming to these since we started (November 2018).

We realize that some players are weight training on their own.

Mental Mondays in classroom sessions 2:45-4:30P in B Hall, Ms. Nixon’s classroom.

Open to all. Yes, these sessions have been open to all interested players. We are well into the program.

Cardio Fridays on track; on turf. Dynamic/Explosive exercises- lower body, running/sprints; stair work.

Long toss; EDDs 2:45-3:45P. Focus on conditioning & base running/speed.

Open to all. Yes, these sessions too have been open to all interested players.

Combine player strength/conditioning baseline testing and evaluation conducted by Performance

Wellness Institute or PWI. This “Combine” was conducted on 12/8 3:00 – 6:30P in the EHS Aux Gym, Turf

Field and in the Weight Room. 3-4p Upper-class student-athletes were evaluated followed by a 4-5p

Nutrition lecture then a walk-around weight training stations with an explanation of specific to baseball

drills/exercises to improve core strength and injury prevention. 5-6p was the Lower-class evaluation.

Open to all.


Yes, this worthwhile Combine was open to all interested players and served as a baseline test for each participating player. Each player was given a workout plan to follow.

Players that have approached the Baseball Coaching Staff and have expressed an interest to

participate in these voluntary workouts are now regrouped into the following groups and groups as

listed are assigned the following time slots.

Group A:Pearson, Schref P, Schref T, Guay, Bokelman (PO), Schiff (PO), Hilgers, Shortt, Luebbers, Kapner,Smith, Hirsch

Group B:York, Difummeri, Stiles, Hladik (Club Hockey), Logsdon, Trigg, Brown C, Patterson (Basketball),Vilims(on IR), Wulfekotter, Shields (Basketball), Brown J, Jantz, Lipka

Group C:Thompson, Foreman, Reed, Schiro, Dye,King, Portello, Kottke, Taber

Cage Schedule: Monday

Classroom session 2:45-4:30P

Following classroom session Group A in the cages

Cage Schedule: Tuesday through Thursday

2:45-4P Group B

4-6:15P Group A

6:15-7:30P Group C

Cage Schedule: Friday and Saturday

After Cardio workouts on Fridays Group A only in the cages

Saturday by invitation only so we can work with specific players but we are leaning towards

9-11:30A Group A invites

11:30-1:30P Group B invites

1:30-3P Group C invites

As you can see from the above schedule, we have a significant number of interested players and days will be long for members of the coaching staff. It is important for us to help develop all interested players so we ask that players stick to their assigned time slots and commit to the workouts. Communication is

critical. If a player cannot make an assigned time slot please let a member of the coaching staff know. If

a player comes in and starts to clown around we will ask that player to leave.

Parent volunteers. We are still looking for a few volunteers to help with a couple ongoing initiatives:

- Project manage the purchase, installation of our new 10 inning scoreboard in RF. [$18K] We are working with Zuni Signs and the District has given us the green light.

- Project manage the upgrading of our concession stand

at Cougar Field. We have to bring it up to code i.e. remove the interior stairs and build-out new stairs and a landing with door to the second floor on the softball field side.

- Purchase a new portable on-field batting cage and reallocation of our old one to the EHS

softball field so the Spring 2019 Club L3 team can use it for batting practice on that field.

- Some sweat equity on our bullpens on Cougar Field so we can use them ASAP to throw bullpen

sessions and run a few catcher drills. We need to purchase a few tarps to cover the double

bullpen mound too to keep the anticipated snow off them so we can use them.

These worthwhile projects are really needed along with fund raising efforts to fund these initiatives. The

good news is that our community and families continue to support Cougar Baseball and some of these

offer naming rights acknowledging donor support. Please help us meet these goals so our players and

your student-athletes have the facilities to work out on. Thank you.

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