Field Day Volunteers Needed 2/23-2/24

Sat 2/23/19 & Sun 2/24/19 10AM-3PM PLEASE BRING YOUR PLASTIC SHOVELS and help us clear Cougar Field. If we get some of the snow off tomorrow, the wind and sun may help us get field use starting Monday afternoon. We need a small army of able bodies with plastic shovels to line up shoulder to shoulder and push the snow off the field. Plastic shovels only please.

Additional tools needed

  • Boots, gloves

  • Cordless drills with fastening bits, hardware to fasten down new turf covering on dugout benches

  • Sharp utility knives to cut turf which has a thick fiber backing or cordless small circular saw with appropriate blade

  • Measuring tape, straight edge or chalk line to line out turf cut lines

  • Socket set, pliers, screw drives, hammers

Additional tasks

  • Priority #2 R&R outdoor turf coverings on both dugout benches. Replacement turf was picked up and is in a trailer parked under the overhang outside our indoor cages. Will need to remove the old turf carpet (screwed down) and discard. New turf with backing will need to be cut to size and attached to top seat and back of each bench.

  • Priority #3 Cut 2 smaller sections of the turf and lay out in the indoor cages. Doesn’t need to be attached or glued down. These replace 4 hitting mats which will be repurposed and moved up onto the baseball field.

  • Priority #4 Cut turf into 6 equal sections (for 6 Tee Stations). Hang rubber mats at 6 Tee Stations.

  • Priority #5 work with John B. shovel, wheel barrow a couple loads of dirt onto base cuts outs; prep bullpen mounds

  • Priority #6 bolt back together old Big Bubba which has been moved to the Upper Field.

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