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Cougar Baseball Weekly Digest

Greetings, Cougar Nation!

This is the first Cougar Baseball Weekly Digest. Please scroll down to read ALL the latest important updates:


ALL parents and players are needed to help with field preparation this coming weekend, April 6 and 7 from 10 am to 4 pm. (Parents only please on Sunday due to CHSSA rules.)

Tasks (in order of importance):

* Cut turf into 6 equal sections (for 6 Tee Stations) or run one full piece. Cut out grass, lay down liner, base material, tamp then set down turf mats. Has to be flush with grass so mower does not hit turf.

* Hang rubber mats at 6 Tee Stations. This section runs along field side of the on-field batting cage.

* Work on Cougar and Visitor bullpen repairs. Use as much of our available turf as possible.

* Shovel, wheelbarrow a couple loads of dirt onto base cut outs. Rake out dirt.

* Bolt back together old Big Bubba which has been moved to the Upper Field, rehang net and vinyl skirt. Grease wheel fittings.

* Assemble new Big Bubba “Turtle” on Cougar Field (if it is delivered on time.)

* Hang netting both Bullpen swing-out protective screens, and in batting cage/tunnel.

Drop and fasten outfield curtain.

* IMPORTANT: We need a team leader for each of these priorities. If you are willing to take the lead on any of the above 7 items, please let Coach Lipka know. Thank you!!

MATERIALS/TOOLS: Most of the work needed this weekend is related to the layout, measurement and cutting of our new donated turf, which has a hard fiber backing. It is important to have the right tools to measure and cut this material:

• Boots, gloves.

• Corded Saws to cut turf.

• Sharp utility knives to cut turf which has a thick fiber backing or cordless small circular saw with appropriate blade.

• Measuring tape, straight edge or chalk line to line out turf cut lines.

• Socket set, pliers, screw drivers, hammers, grease gun to reassemble “Turtle” Big Bubba roll-on field portable hitting cage. Need heavy duty plastic ties (black) to fasten netting to aluminum piping.

• Flat shovels, hard rakes, tampers to rebuild bullpen mounds.

• Need bags of base material and plastic liner to put down under turf to prevent weeds from coming up.

The weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday is partly sunny and 60’s. See you on the field!


The Booster Club board is actively searching for a new treasurer to replace Renee Stiles, who has worked tirelessly for Cougar Baseball Booster Club as treasurer for many years. Thank you, Renee!

Partial Job Description: The Treasurer shall have custody of, and fiduciary responsibility for all accounts of the booster club, be a designated signatory for the disbursement of funds, present the annual budget at the General Membership meeting, maintain books and records relating to all financial and accounting matters of the Booster Club, present treasurer reports, budget reports and keep the board up to date on all financial matters for the Booster Club, and file required tax documents, among several other tasks.

If you have accounting abilities and are ready and willing to contribute to Cougar Baseball in this vital way, please let Daphne Taber at know. We are specifically hoping for a Varsity or JV parent, in order to ensure diversity across the board. The job starts June 1st!


* Announcer/Scoreboard Coordinator. Duties include:

Upgrading our National Anthem, player walk-up music, pre and post game canned music.

* Announcing games or helping to train a core group of student-athletes, volunteers to do the game announcing and running our scoreboard.

* Committees

Fundraising - contact Todd Schiro to help with this.

Upper field prep - C Team parents are needed to help with this. Reach out to Bill Richmond and Craig Kottke to help with this.

Designated C Team Liason between parents/team and coaches/board

Concession stand coordinator: C Team and JV

Ensure Sign-up Genius is updated with game dates/times and volunteer roles

Ensure roles are properly trained, filled and performed

Provide concession stand manager (Adrienne Smith) inventory, updates of needs, concerns, etc.

Provide shack entry to volunteers during game days/events


Parents, please sign up to help on game days!! No grill masters needed during spring.


Check the website calendar frequently for updates to date/time/location information on all

games, especially during volatile spring weather.


We will distribute these out to parents who ordered photos over the next week at games and field prep days.


Become an active part of our Friends and Family Network by joining in on

our King Soopers Community Rewards Program. Just by linking your King

Soopers Rewards Card to Evergreen Baseball Boosters, you are earning

money for the program every time you shop at King Soopers. You can find

more information at KingSoopers.Com under Savings and Rewards.

How Do I Enroll?

If you don’t already have a King Soopers Rewards Card see their Service Desk

Log onto KingSoopers.Com and under sign in to create an account

Go to Savings & Rewards and then King Soopers Community Rewards

Hit the enroll now button and link to our non-profit organization under Evergreen Baseball Boosters or I.D. EK416

When you complete your shopping simply swipe your rewards card or enter your alternate I.D. and it links directly to our program

Every quarter King Soopers pays out thousands of dollars to registered non-profit programs based on what we spend

Once you are enrolled, help enroll your family, reach out to your friends and neighbors, and help us build our King Soopers Community Rewards Program for Evergreen High School Cougar Baseball.

This program does not impact your normal rewards or gas discounts and begins April 1st.


5/4 Senior Day after the Varsity game

5/19 Team Banquet 5pm at Mount Vernon Country Club

More info to come on these events!

Have news you’d like added to the Weekly Digest? Please email by 2 pm on Sundays. Thank you!

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