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Copy of Coach Message 4.18.2021 Spring CHSAA Season (resend)

Here is a quick update regarding upcoming tryouts for Season D Spring Sports:

  1. I previously emailed out important dates per the CHSAA calendar.

  2. 1st practice date is Monday 4/26. All interested in baseball student-athletes have to pre-register online for baseball (includes a physical). Stress and monitor academic eligibility please.

  3. Here is a link to the previous message sent out regarding EHS registration:


  5. If any player has had CV-19, they have to follow the Return-to Play Protocol.

  6. “Try-outs” or player evaluations will be Monday 4/26. That night Coaches will meet in the baseball office and we harden a Varsity, JV roster. That roster will be posted that evening and players will walk into the cages and see it Tuesday AM. Those listed players on Tuesday receive their uniform tops and have to practice 5 days (includes Monday try-out day) before they can play in a game.

  7. Hence, 4/26 through 4/30 are mandated 5 practice days for the Varsity and JV players.

  8. Somewhere in that 5 days I have to carve time out time for 2021 year book photos too.

  9. Players not listed on our 2021 Varsity, JV rosters will be listed by name on a separate sheet of paper, which will have printed on it the caveat “The following players are being referred to the Evergreen Cougar Baseball Club C-Team. The C-Team coaching staff will conduct a separate player try-out on (add the date) at (add the location).”

  10. C-Team coaches will have to identify their try-out date(s) and location but not before Tuesday 4/27. C-Team will also have to coordinate with me the hand-out of their uniforms and they have to be available for 2021 year book photos on the date that we as a program are assigned.

  11. Yes, weather always comes into play along with field conditions, access to the cages, gym(s) etc. That is one of the reasons I have been so proactive on the importance of coordinated use and reserving dates, time slots of the Upper Field by C-Team and JV with EPRD.

  12. The week of try-outs, uniform hand-outs, year book photos, the usual weather constraints and CHSAA requirement of getting 5 days of practice in are difficult and for the above reasons challenging. Add to that the best practices and threat from CV-19.

  13. CV-19, if I had to predict, will continue to uptick. It is very important that we separate into teams and groups and enforce best practices. I believe that the high school will move to all remote again very soon. If we do not do this and remain alert to this threat we run the risk of Season D being altered once again.

  14. Our Board is working on the new warning track and build-out of our batting cage.

  15. JV is allowed 12 games. There were 12 league games already scheduled but Alameda just advised they will not have a JV team this year. JV can also add 2 “Foundation games” to their 2021 schedule. Dan, I have added Pondo to your schedule so right now you have 12 games scheduled (11 League plus Pondo).

  16. Varsity schedule is still being tweaked.

  17. I ask that this year we emphasize with the players and parents – ”yes sir, no sir” to umpires; no chains around the neck or jewelry; wear proper Cougar baseball branded attire; no cell phones once on the field and in the dugout; treat everyone with respect; limit or eliminate chirping. Use of inappropriate language will be addressed.

  18. The Coaches and Board need to recruit a couple parents to help with a few game day tasks and get ahead and schedule them out once the schedules are hardened.

  19. Foul balls, please ask parents to help during games. Our announcer should remind spectators that we are looking for their help.

Thank you,

Coach Lipka

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