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Coach’s Message 7/11/2019

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Evergreen High School Cougar Baseball / Evergreen Cougar Baseball Club

Coach’s Message 7/11/2019

These messages are meant to update and inform interested student-athletes and their parents for both programs –EHS Cougar Baseball (Spring H.S.) and the Evergreen Cougar Baseball Club (ECBC) program. The ECBC includes Club Team activity sponsored by the Evergreen Baseball Boosters in the summer and fall. Please make sure you have read previously posted messages and that, if you are a student-athlete, you have read the messages and information we have posted in the Cougar Dugout.

As our summer program starts to wind down, I would like to provide an update. All three summer teams – 18U, 16U and 15U are doing very well. We are proud of their collective effort and successes. I would like to thank our coaches and players for their efforts. I would also like to thank our Booster Club Board and the volunteers that help with our concessions, team logistics (Team Parents) and the myriad of other tasks that a program this size has. Special thanks also goes to John Bellatti for his tired less efforts working on Cougar Field. His efforts are recognized and greatly appreciated.

I would like to answer a few of the questions I am receiving about Fall Baseball. Summer coaches are canvassing all current players for fall program interest and commitment. The projected plan is to host 3 teams:

15U (Coach Matt Smith);

16U (Coach Daniel Gibbons);

18U (Coach John Lipka)

Fall is usually player invite only and the focus is on player development at projected primary and secondary positions. Pitchers will work with our Pitching Coach, Randall Bulliard. I will be working with Catchers. We will also be offering or scheduling specific workouts by positions – outfielders, infielders, catchers, pitchers, base running, hitting (OPPO, bunting and general hitting).

We will work on a practice schedule but really can’t do that until after the fall league play scheduling meeting which is scheduled for 8/11. 16U and 18U will practice together. We will try to leverage the EHS weight room, indoor cages, outdoor cage, our field and if available to us any other fields for speed and agility work.

Summer uniforms will be used for fall play. The only new item to be purchased will be a practice T-shirt - estimated cost is $12-15.

For the 15U players who ordered player bags, we had to switch vendors and their bags are 2-3 weeks out but you will get them. We are sorry for the inconvenience. New for fall is the option to wear stirrups. I have ordered navy blue with 3 Vegas Gold strips. We have a pant contact if short legged pants are needed. Stirrups require white “sanitary hose” (baseball socks). This is just an option.

I will be talking with our Booster Club Board, but I have had a number of preliminary meetings with other H.S. coaches and our preferred fall program will include (pending Board concurrence):

15U will play in the Colorado Classic Fall Baseball League (CCFBL). Note: the CCFBL League runs 8/18- 10/30. 15U will play 9 DHers and in 1 tournament the Top of the Rockies 9/15-16. Most of their games will be AWAY since most of their summer games were HOME this year. With 3 teams and only one baseball field it is not easy to schedule practice and game times – it is a balance.

16U will also play in the CCFBL 9 DHers and in 2 tournaments – Labor Day Classic 8/31-9/2 and one additional Showcase (TBD). Most of their games will be schedules at HOME since most of their summer games were AWAY this year.

18U will be invite only and play at college showcases at NJC, Trinidad, UCCS, Mines and Dixie State. I am talking with these colleges and their coaches and these are low cost with games played on their fields. Emphasis is on team practices with skills improvement for player’s primary and secondary positions. As we all know, winter comes quickly and if next year is anything like this year spring can be cold and wet with limited time on our field, so fall play/practice is important for those reasons.

Traditionally, we have taken our 18U and 16U teams down to AZ to play in a fall season ending tournament at the shared Seattle Mariners/San Diego Padres MLB back fields. I am looking into that option once again but am also looking at options in Albuquerque at their new all turf complex and a few other considerations. I will keep everyone advised of my findings.

A couple of projects are moving forward and we are always looking for additional help.

They are:

  • New scoreboard in RF (contact Todd Shiro)

  • Concession stand external stairs with landing/coach only perch (contact Scott Sarkisian)

  • Assembling our new portable on-field rolling batting cage. Disassembling the old Big Bubba and moving it up to the Upper Field. (contact Todd Shiro)

  • Fund raising efforts continue, to include our upcoming Cougar Baseball Golf Tournament (contact Chad Webre).

  • And, earmarked donations for new field tarps, dugout and bullpen benches (Fund Raising Committee within the Baseball Booster Club).

I am working on our spring 2020 H.S. schedule to include our Spring Break trip. It is true that I am looking at Florida, Texas, Vegas or Arizona. One of my priorities is to lower financial impact but at the same time maximize practice, scrimmage and game time. The goal is to get a few options out so they can be openly discussed and decision made. This is important.

Again, thank you all for your efforts.

EHS Cougar Baseball Head Coach John Lipka

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