Coach's Message 5/27/2019

Updated: Nov 27, 2019


Thank you all for your interest and inquiries.

This message will update players, parents and interested parties on Cougar Summer Baseball.

This summer we will have 3 teams – 15U, 16U and 18U. The rosters, to include coaching staff, will be posted to our website. The schedules are almost completed and they too will be posted.

Practices are important and will be held on Cougar Field and they will be dynamic and organized to maximize player development.

Keep in mind, we only have one field and we are responsible for its upkeep and maintenance. Field use to include practice time is scheduled. 15U has been assigned a practice time or slot of 8AM-10:15AM. 16U and 18U will practice together and solo as determined by the coaches but not before 11AM on any given day. That will give 15U time to finish their practice and clean, rake, prep Cougar Field for the next scheduled use. 16U and/or 18U will also be responsible for field use prep and maintenance to include clean dugouts, trash pick-up and trash bag disposal down to the EHS trash dumpster. Players are also responsible for making sure dugout water coolers are filled with clean water and that field use protocols are followed.

Some rules to keep in mind: No throwing or fungo work in front of the dugouts or in front of the shed garage door. Players will pay attention to and limit time on high traction grassy areas. When hitting infield fungos and during BP, the infield protective apron will be rolled out. Fungo hitters hit from the turf wings. Responsible music only will be played on the field PA system and at an appropriate level. When practicing, players will be properly attired.

15U will use the Visitor’s Dugout during practices.

Our first scheduled practices will be this Tuesday 5/28/19. 15U 8AM-10:15AM followed by 16U/18U 12:30PM – 3:30PM.

For 15U, your summer game tops are in and they will be handed out on 5/28/19. These tops cost players $40.00 each and players keep them. They should last players a minimum of 2 years with proper care. ECBC will make available on 5/28 Cougar baseball hats. These hats are fitted or sized 7 through 7 ½. Players can try these caps on before buying them. Please remember these are pro-style sized hats so the will shrink a little after getting wet. Hats are $20.00 each for players, $25.00 each for non-players. Cougar Baseball car stickers will also be available for purchase $5.00. Proceeds go direct to field improvement. If new-to-the program players want player equipment bags, we will finalize that order too on 5/28. Bags are $69.00 each but not payable until they come in. Other apparel, gear items are available via our online store.

We look forward to a successful summer. Thank you.

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