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Coach's Message 04.12.2020

With today’s Cougar Message from the EHS AD, it appears that Jeffco is preparing us for no Spring Sports play due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Here is what I know - HS coaches have agreed to a state-wide 4A invitational tournament scheduled for June 22, 23, and 24 followed by “Top 16” play June 29, 30 and July1. By design, this will be very competitive and is for HS teams only, to include 2020 seniors. We too will be at the mercy of COVID-19 restrictions but we are hopeful. This will require extensive on-field practice and conditioning. As soon as I get the green light to be back on Cougar Field I will advise. It is important that our Spring Varsity roster stay intact for this tournament. We will augment this roster as need be. Players participating will be required to practice as a team and commit so that we are in shape, familiar with our plays and conditioned.

In addition to the above, HS coaches working with college coaches have also been talking about 2020 summer and fall play since their collegiate seasons were also suspended. Summer 2020 will certainly look different this year as we are still dealing with the COVID-19 threat, our suspended spring sport activity and the uncertain timelines with tournament/league schedules. I still have a lot of work to do but I have asked our coaches to reach out to their spring rosters and gauge interest, level of commitment, expectations, etc. I am also sensitive to the financial impacts that we all are facing. Rest assured that our summer play planning will consider all of the above.

Coach Matt Smith will be evaluating interest in a summer/fall 15u team and I have asked Coach Hal Farmwald to do the same for a 16U team. I will assess summer/fall 18u interest.

Thank you and like each of you I am looking forward to getting back out onto Cougar Field as soon as possible.

John F. Lipka

Head Coach

Evergreen H.S. (EHS) Cougar Baseball

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