Booster Club Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting began at 7 pm in the EHS library.

In attendance: John Lipka, Renee Stiles, Ryan Trigg, Chris Hilgers, Marc Bokelman, Beth Kapner

Facility Options: Discussed facility options for a Varsity, JV and potentially 2 Level 3 teams.Drop Down Cages in the auxiliary gym are still an option but we need to wait for district approval/permits. We will continue to move it forward. 4 weeks from the time of order to installation.

Evaluating Rookies as an option for indoor hitting until the cages are complete.

Weekdays 3-6pm. $800 approved to pay Rookies for two weeks (4 days/week) – starting February 5

The goal is to move into the EHS indoor batting cages the week of Feb 19.Buffalo Park will be utilized for the L3 team. Feb 26 – March 2 anytime, after that L3 needs to be done practicing by 4PM. We will need to look at other options.

L3 will be playing 4/5A Jeffco American/National Leagues. There is a possibility for a lower L3 team made up of 8th graders and freshmen (also possibly Conifer players) who don’t make the higher L3 team.

Potluck Baseball Dinner is set for Thursday March 1 at Evergreen Church of Christ, “Basecamp”, from 5 to 8PM. All EHS players.Equipment Approvals: Equipment approved for $425 for bullpen fence; Tanner Tees $375; Equipment for Hitting Tee stations and miscellaneous repairs $200; ProNine baseballs ordered for Spring; Need two catcher’s helmets for JV and L3. Coach Lipka will also look into jackets for the 2018 coaching staff.Spring Paperwork: Physicals and Parent Permission forms need to be complete by February 20. See EHS website for requirements includes a check for $175 to EHS. To Kristin Krupa at EHS. The Booster Club’s 2018 RELEASE/CONSENT FORM also needs to be turned in by tryout.Tryouts: February 26 at EHS Cages.Team pictures are March 5 at 3PM.AZ SPRING BREAK TRIPLeave 7AM Sunday return Friday after last game.Coach Lipka will look into a visit/tour of the ASU Baseball facilityPlayer meal will be a pizza dinner at the hotel one nightParent Travel Meeting after practice March 22.Possible parent dinner while in AZOfficers for 2018President – Beth KapnerVice President – Marc BokelmanTreasurer – Renee StilesSecretary – Chris Hilgers Fundraising Liaison: Ryan Trigg volunteered to be the liaison between the Board and the Fundraising Committee. Cougar Classic Fall Baseball Tournament. Coach Lipka would like to host a tourney in Sept. Still looking into this.

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