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6.22.2021 Coach’s Message – Thanks and Summer/Fall Info

I want to sincerely thank players for their collective hard work, commitment and development. As you know, our Varsity made it once again to the State “Elite 8.” We will miss our graduated Seniors and want to recognize what they accomplished over their years at EHS. Thank you to all players, especially our graduated Seniors. This season was unique with issues related to CV-19; extended workouts in our cages due to weather; a non-CHSAA early season; then the CHSAA Season D. We had a great season and a lot of memories that we will talk about for years to come. Though Saturday night’s game did not go the way we wanted it to go – our season was a success and I am very proud of each of you. I wish you the best as you continue to grow and believe we helped prepare you for the next steps you are about to face. Each of you are fine, outstanding young men.

I have received more than one request for information about what our post spring program to include summer, fall 2021 will look like and even a few questions about Spring Break 2022. I will try to answer a few of these questions:

  • First, Varsity uniform (game top) return information was already sent our by our Booster Club Board President Mike Read. These tops are the property of EHS and I need to inventory and return them by a District deadline. Thank you for following the steps listed in Mike Read’s messaging.

  • I want to personally thank all the members of our coaching staff Varsity, JV and C-Team. The hours that these men have put in is unreal. Coaches have jobs, families too. Coaching today is not easy. Gentlemen, thank you.

  • I will be sending out a canvass for players interested in participating in our summer and/or fall 2021 developmental teams. Summer will be July 18u only. Fall will start in August and run through the end of October. Fall will include 2 teams an 18u and 16u. Fall will include travel to AZ in late October to play against other competitive teams. I have a few calls into fellow coaches in AZ to see what the best opportunity/venue will be for us i.e. Mariners/Padres MiLB complex (Peoria) or at AZ JUCOs.

  • Participation in our developmental programs is not a requirement. We do maintain a targeted or projected depth chart by position for Spring 2022 – 2024. That allows us to work with certain players, project their best position and improve skill-sets that we think are important for that player(s) development and the success of our team/program. We have set a certain standard and want to return next year to the Elite 8 State playoffs. Participation in our developmental programs (summer, fall) also gives us an opportunity to see and work directly with players which is a plus. Scheduled practices are focused and designed to improve skill, communication between team-mates, effective execution of plays and familiarization of our strategies. Its not just play games.

  • Spring Break 2022. I have calls into coaches in AZ, NV, TX and FL. All I can tell you right now is that with our early spring weather challenges we are planning on travel to a warmer climate to practice on quality fields and play or scrimmage against other high school teams. I will gather the options and with Booster Club Board assistance run the economics. This will include team chartered bus versus “players report to a specific team hotel by a given date/time” (travel on your own). We always try to keep the costs down and get as many days out on warm fields as possible. In the past, we bused our Varsity and JV players on the same chartered bus and they stayed in the same team hotel with complementary breakfast. Our spring C-Team (Freshman) has in the past also traveled to AZ, practiced and played games but they traveled on their own (not on the chartered bus).

  • Our Varsity team used GroupMe for text messaging. We set-up a second group consisting of Varsity parents. It worked well. Once we identify our 18u summer participants then our 18u and 16u fall participations we will do the same thing. I also encourage interested parties to visit our Cougar website.

  • This summer we have to complete the renovation of our batting cage on Cougar Field. Contact our Booster Club if u can help us.

  • As we graduate 10 Seniors we will also be meeting new-to-the program underclass players and their parents. We ask new-to-the program parents to introduce yourself to our Booster Club Board. This is a tough one for me, since I have known and worked with many of these Seniors and their parents. The success of our program over the past 4 years is directly tied to their efforts and hard work whether on the field playing baseball, working on the field, working in concessions, or with fund raising, etc. Its emotional for me to say good-bye. We are a Cougar Baseball family and it is not easy to say good-bye but we say it with respect and best wishes and luck in the next step in their life. THANK YOU ALL

  • I am also excited about meeting and working with new-to-the program players and their parents WELCOME.

  • As of 6:30AM Sunday morning I began working on our path to return to next year’s State playoffs. The path is not easy and it requires hard work.

John F. Lipka

Evergreen H.S. (EHS) Cougar Baseball

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