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4.14.2021 Coach’s Message

The dust is starting to settle, what a year. A day does not go by without another scheduling issue. As of today, here is what I can tell you.

General Information Related to the Upcoming CHSAA Spring Season D Schedule:

Practice Starts – April 26 (player evaluations to be conducted)

We will set our rosters for the Varsity and JV teams after evaluations. A few JV assigned players may be designated as “swing” players eligible to practice and play on both the Varsity and JV. Players not rostered to the Varsity or JV will be referred to our C-Team for further evaluation and possible placement on that team. Our C-team is a “club” team that plays in the JeffCo L3 League against other JeffCo 4A and 5A schools. Our C-Team is open to rising 9th graders through Sophomores. Our C-Team coaches are not CHSAA.

First Contest – May 3

Maximum Contests – 16 Varsity (12 Sub Varsity)

Foundation Games – 2 (all levels, pitch count required)

Maximum Individual Innings – 120 Innings

Minimum 7 games to qualify for playoffs

CHSAA Pitch Counts Apply:

Varsity: 86-110 Pitches requires 3 days rest; 61-85 pitches requires 2 days rest; 36-60 pitches requires 1 day rest; 1-35 pitches does not require rest before the next day.

Sub-varsity: 61-85 Pitches requires 3 days rest; 36-60 pitches requires 2 days rest; 26-35 pitches requires 1 day rest; 1-35 pitches does not require rest before the next day.

A pitcher may throw up to 60 pitches over two days (i.e., 30 on Day 1 and 30 on Day 2), but will be required to have one day of required rest, due to the multiple warm-ups required for each appearance. No sub-varsity pitcher can throw more than 35 pitches over two days. That limit will result in two days of mandated rest. (Note: Swing players who play multiple days at multiple levels should combine pitches thrown and use the VARSITY chart for mandated rest.)

A pitcher will be allowed to finish a batter if they hit the maximum limit (110 in varsity play; 85 in sub-varsity) during an at-bat, but must exit the POSITION after the hitter.

Hence, our Varsity can play 16 games plus 2 “Foundation games.” Games can be played 5/3 through 6/12 then playoffs run through 6/26. JV is limited to 12 games (all league games) plus 2 “Foundation games.”

As of right now, our 1st Varsity game is 5/3 @EHS against Pondo HS 4PM then we enter League games opening up with Conifer HS Saturday 5/8 12Noon @ CHS. We will play 3 League games a week Tuesday, Thursday and on Saturdays. Weekday games start at 4PM while Saturday games start at 12N. JV will play at the site opposite the Varsity on weekdays but Varsity and JV play at the same site on Saturdays. JV game follows the Varsity game on Saturdays. We will play each League opponent once (8 games) which will determine the JeffCo 4A Baseball League Championship. Then League teams are seeded and play 4 additional games but they do not count for League but they do count towards RPI. Those 4 games are to played 5/29 through 6/8.

As soon as I finish the schedule it will be published. Our District schedules the League games. I have to balance the number of non-league games we will play (possibility 6 additional) and impacts to our arms playing 4 versus 3 games in a week.

Our goal is to win the 4A JeffCo League Championship and advance to the State playoffs. This will require a lot of hard work and commitment. Many of our players have been working on their baseball skill sets and baseball specific conditioning for a number of months starting with last summer and fall development baseball. You can help me reach this goal by being mindful of the CV-19 risks and in focusing now on academic eligibility.

Baseball Playoffs

Class 3A-5A Note: Evergreen H.S. Baseball Plays at the 4A Level

Regular Season Ends – June 12

Seeding Meeting – June 13

Regional Tournaments – June 14

Games 1-11 – June 18-19

Games 12-15 – June 25-26

Format: 24 teams to Regionals based on RPI (The eight teams with the highest RPI will host Regionals, the remaining 24 teams will be ranked by RPI and then any first round league match-ups will be adjusted. The bottom 12 teams may be moved for geographical purposes.

NOTE: Regional hosts receive a bye in first game. There will be three teams at each regional.

Players have been advised of their equipment and apparel needs. For the Varsity, pinstripe and grey pants; navy and white clean hats. They have also received messaging covering our player expectations. Simply put – we will treat others with respect and play fundamentally sound but aggressive baseball with integrity. Our program emphasizes “Team First.”

Thank you,

John Lipka

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