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3.23.2021 COVID-19 Related Message from JeffCo

This is an excerpt from a message sent to EHS coaches by the EHS Athletic Director.

Schools are getting themselves into some trouble with the new mask mandate in JeffCo and we have to be sure that we are following the guidelines or risk our seasons and variances.

Everyone on JeffCo property should be wearing a mask at all times. This includes coaches, players, and parents, both inside and outside.

JCPHE personnel are attending our games/practices/events and the reports haven't been favorable. Our District AD meets with them once a week and has a very delicate negotiation process with them, and reports of coaches, players, and parents not doing their part are hurting our ability to get back to normalcy (more spectators, less masks, less restrictions, etc).

JCPHE has a new Executive Director and there are higher levels of expectations and accountability.

Parents – please follow the guidelines or we risk losing opportunities for our kids.


Evergreen Baseball Boosters

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