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3.10.2021 Schedule Update

Here is the most recent 18u early season schedule. I have been working directly with other H.S. coaches, All Star Park (ASP) and others.

I have tried to leverage the use of ASP as much as possible since our field is not ready to host games. We are working hard to finish a few projects: new pole poles (LF was set today); warning track; fund raising new sponsorship (advertisement) wind curtains in RF; and demolishing and construction of a safe batting tunnel. Snow removal will become an issue along with Cougar and Upper Field maintenance. Home games at Cougar Field are scheduled for April.

ASP may be problematic if Colorado Christian University (CCU) has to reschedule their games due to weather. They have priority, so we have to be flexible.

I have added games with 5A schools to include: Ralston Valley, Boulder, Poudre Valley, Columbine, Far NE Warriors (combined team from 11 DPS schools), Denver North and Erie. This will take a lot of juggling: baseballs, non-CHSAA/Jeffco uniform tops, umpires, logistics, etc., but it will be worth the effort for our program and our student-athletes. I have arranged with coaches for some controlled scrimmages so we can play with unlimited substitutions and monitor closely player conditioning especially with arms.

A few important reminders:

  • This is outside of CHSAA

  • No rosters have been set for Spring CHSAA

  • We will play under NFHS rules but with pre-game coach arrangements (to be discussed at the pre-game HP meeting with the assigned umpires)

  • It is about player development

  • Certain costs are allocated and covered by player fees i.e., game tops, baseballs, and umpires. Fees will be set, collected by our Booster Club.

  • Travel (to include any lodging, meals) are the responsibility of the player and his family

  • Our Booster Club is the administrative umbrella (budget, COI, website) and the main communications conduit

  • Academics is a priority and the responsibility of the student-athlete. Coaches will monitor and review each issue on a case-by-case basis. We will continue to support student-athletes that advise that they need time to address academic issues

  • In addition to our early season 18u team, we are managing a 16u and a 15u team(s). I anticipate “swinging” a few players in-between these club teams as they develop their skill-sets.

Thank you all.

John F. Lipka

Evergreen H.S. (EHS) Cougar Baseball

2021 Baseball Schedule Early Season (3/1 - 4/24/2021) (draft.5 3/10/21)

Note: subject to revision and updates. Additional practices may be scheduled. Practice times may change based on weather and field conditions. Pitchers Only or POs communicate directly with our Pitching Coach to coordinate flat and bullpen sessions.

3/1 Mon @EHS Practice 3-6PM

3/2 Tue @EHS Practice 3-6PM

3/6 Sat @EHS Practice (in shifts by groups) 11:30AM-3PM

3/8 Mon @EHS Practice 3-6PM

3/9 Tue @EHS Practice 3-6PM

3/10 Wed @Columbine H.S. Game (7) 4-6PM Columbine H.S.

Moved to 3/11 Thursday because of weather

3/13 Sat @Ralston Valley H.S. Game DH 12-1:30PM; 2-2:30PM Ralston Valley H.S.

3/15 Mon @ASP Practice 5-7PM

3/16 Tue @EHS Practice 3-6PM