2020 Uniform Deadline Tomorrow 11.7.19

Players, thank you for providing us with your hat sizes.  We had a hard deadline to meet in order to make the embroidery timeline for Spring 2020.  If your navy hat is in good shape no need to buy a new one.  For Spring 2020, navy “HOME hat” is the same as last year.  New for Spring 2020 is a white “AWAY hat.”  Players were canvassed and approved of the concept and design.  HOME and AWAY hats will be used by the V, JV and the C-Team.

For Spring 2020, V and JV will wear grey pants (all grey or grey with navy piping; knicker or long) with our Cougar blue game top and white/dark navy pinstripe pant with a new dark navy top.  Game tops are paid for by the School District and remain the School District's property - players will need to return them at the end of the Spring season.  Players, coaches are responsible for their pants, socks, belts, sleeves, hats, hoodies, etc.