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2.28.2021 Navy (Varsity) Early Season Information

Please note this is an early draft version and is being disseminated as information. We wanted to release this draft schedule but please understand the challenges and that the schedule is constantly being updated. Coach Lipka is waiting on a number of coaches to get back to him for both early season and CHSAA games.

Scheduling is a nightmare right now for both early season and CHSAA. Coach Lipka has secured All Star Park (ASP) on the listed dates for practices and games (single and double headers (DHers)). Note that if CCU needs the field, then we get bumped. This would be the case if a college series gets delayed due to weather and rescheduled.

Practicing at ASP will require taking our gear down including: balls, machines, pick-up buckets, extensions cords, etc. It will also require our players to carpool down and back.

If a player cannot make a practice or game they are to advise a member of the coaching staff in advance with the reason why.

Players should have their Cougar summer/fall tops, navy/white hats, grey pants, etc. and wear them for games. A limited number of replacement tops and hats have been ordered and should be in within the next 2-3 weeks.

Player costs/fees for the early season will include: administration fees, baseballs, umpire fees and coach stipends. These fees are yet to be determined.

So far, one non-local away game has been scheduled at Ft Collins (DHer). Coach Lipka anticipates more. Coach Lipka will continue to work on this schedule and a Spring Break trip to Trinidad State to practice and play.

The Navy Baseball Schedule for the Early Season (3/1 – 4/24) is listed below. The schedule will be available on the EHS Cougar Baseball website soon.

2021 EHS Navy Baseball Schedule Early Season (3/1 - 4/24/2021) (draft.2 2/28/21)

Note: subject to revision and updates. Additional practices may be scheduled. Pitchers Only or POs communicate directly with our Pitching Coach to coordinate flat and bullpen sessions.

3/1 Mon @EHS Practice 3-6PM

3/2 Tue @EHS Practice 3-6PM

3/8 Mon @EHS Practice 3-6PM

3/9 Tue @EHS Practice 3-6PM

3/10 Wed @Columbine H.S. Game (7) 4-6PM Columbine H.S.

3/13 Sat @Arapahoe H.S. Game DH 12-1:30PM; 2-2:30PM Arapahoe H.S.

3/15 Mon @ASP Practice 5-7PM

3/16 Tue @EHS Practice 3-6PM

3/20 Sat @Arapahoe H.S. Game DH 12-1:30PM; 2-2:30PM Arapahoe H.S.

3/22 Mon @ASP Game 5-7PM Erie H.S.

3/23 Tue @EHS Practice 3-6PM

3/26 Fri @ASP Game 3-5PM (TBD)

3/27 Sat @ASP Game DH 9-11AM; 11:30AM-1:30PM Erie H.S.

3/29 Mon @ASP Practice 5-7PM

3/29 – 4/2 Spring Break - looking at our options to travel 3/30 - and practice 2x/day and play a few games at TSJC. Return 4/2. (3 nights lodging 3/30, 3/31, and 4/1). Trying to schedule a game or DHer with Pueblo West H.S.

4/3 Sat @City Park, Ft Collins Game DH 12-1:30PM; 2-3:30PM Poudre H.S.

4/5 Mon @EHS Practice 3-6PM

4/6 Tue @EHS Practice 3-6PM

4/9 Fri @ASP Game 3-5PM (TBD)

4/10 Sat @ASP Game DH 9-11AM; 11:30AM-1:30PM Poudre H.S.

4/12 Mon @ASP Practice 5-7PM

4/13 Tue @EHS Practice 3-6PM

4/14 Wed @EHS Game (9) 4-6PM Columbine H.S.

4/17 Sat @EHS Game DH 12-1:30PM; 2-3:30PM (TBD)

4/19 Mon @ASP Practice 5-7PM

4/20 Tue @EHS Practice 3-6PM

4/23 Fri @ASP Game 3-5PM (TBD)

4/24 Sat @ASP Game DH 9-11AM; 11:30AM-1:30PM Denver North H.S.

4/26 Mon @EHS 1st CHSAA Practice 3-7PM

CHSAA season runs 4/26 through state playoffs at the end of June. League schedule has been posted, games are Tues, Thu 4PM; Sat 12Noon. We have 12 League games plus 6 non-league for a total of 18 (reduced from 23 by CHSAA for CV-19 restrictions), plus playoff games.

Please contact Coach Lipka if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Evergreen Baseball Boosters

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