2.12.2020 Coach’s Message

Scoreboard project is moving forward, Todd Schiro, Mike Read, Michael Mardosz, were out at the field Tuesday 2.11 pushing snow. We have a snow road cut-in and cleared the location for the new scoreboard. Drilling is scheduled for tomorrow Thursday. Special thanks to Todd Bendow with Zuni Signs, and Dave Marshall with ESCO.

Scott Sarkisian has a punch-out list to complete before the State issues us a CO for the Concession and Media Building (on Cougar Field). If a parent is interested in helping Scott, pls contact him direct. Opening Day (first HOME game is Wednesday 3.12.2020) is not far away.

Hats – our 2020 inventory is getting low in certain sizes, remember they are fitted and new this year we have our traditional navy cap and a new white hat. Spring 2020 we will have Home and Away uniforms like our other League H.S. opponents do. Players will be provided with numbered, Home and Away uniform tops. Players are responsible for hats, navy sleeves, player equipment bags, and protective gear, grey and pinstripe pants. If wearing knickers, we have a supply of Cougar sti