18U/16U Summer Practice

18U/16U Summer 2019 practice will be held in two sessions on the following times unless otherwise noted:

16U 1:30pm-4pm

- 1:30pm-2pm field prep

- 2pm-4pm practice drills

18U 4pm-6:30pm

- 4pm-6pm practice drills

- 6pm-6:30pm field closure

Practice dates:

6/3, 6/4, 6/5

6/12, 6/13

6/17, 6/19

6/20: One session for 18U/16U 9:30am-1pm

6/25, 6/26

7/10, 7/11

7/15, 7/18

Players will still benefit from training will all four to five coaches. Occasionally coaches may reassign the sessions for specific skills training (e.g. pitchers). Notice will be provided to players and parents if sessions are reassigned. We understand that not all players may be able to make all practices/games due to other summer commitments.

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