11.22.19 Coach's Message

UPDATE: Salvation Army Bell Ringer Instructions & Volunteer Schedule

I appreciate everyone’s help to make this happen.  I will provide white Cougar Baseball Game Tops which should be handed over to the next team. Last team of the day please secure the jersey tops and return to Coach Lipka.


  • Kettles have to be manned at all times.  They are locked.  If they become full, replace the kettle with the spare kettle at Customer Service

  • Each location has a dedicated kettle, stand, apron and bell(s)

  • Have to leave room for customers entering/exiting

  • Do not empty the kettle at the end of each shift we will do that at the end of each day.  Again, they should be locked

  • If store management makes any requests, please comply

  • You can play seasonal music if you want but you can not dress up like Santa.  If you want to play seasonal music you have to bring the music and speaker (not too loud please and it has to be appropriate and seasonal)

  • Please great everyone passing by and thank them for their donation and feel free to wish them a Merry Christmas

  • Please arrive at your station at least 5-10 minutes prior to your shift

  • 90% of the collected donations stay in the Evergreen Community to help support families & seniors (e.g. summer lunch programs; fall holiday ham/turkey food baskets; Easter meals; back to school clothing and emergency assistance)

  • We are representing EHS, Cougar Baseball and your family. 

Coach Lipka (along with any others available)  will be moving around checking on each team at their assigned stations to provide any assistance.  He will try to have a list of any players that are available to assist in the event of an emergency requiring players to leave early or not able to make their assigned time slot. In that event, please give Coach Lipka as much advance notice as possible.


Thank you all and Happy Thanksgiving.

Coach Lipka

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