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11.02.2020 Cougar Field End-of-Season Field Work Days

Our annual end of season field work weekend is scheduled for this weekend (7-8 Nov.) from 9am-4pm. As always, there are a number of tasks/projects that need to be completed. We are reaching out to Cougar baseball players, parents and friends for their talents, equipment and labor.

We are also asking for a few individuals to be the Team Lead (TL) on the tasks listed below where the TL is listed as to-be-determined (TBD). If you would like to be a TL and feel it would be beneficial to visit the field before this weekend, please let us know and we can arrange access.

1. TL – TBD. Spray paint navy padding on both dugout fences. This is the round padding that players lean on. Same team can then paint the navy padding on the knee wall behind home plate. Once dry, we unscrew that padding and store in the home team dugout. If there are any holes, a small piece of Gorilla tape can be placed on the small holes.

2. TL – Jeff Allen. Remove both foul poles and place in dumpster. The RF foul pole will need to be cut off slightly below ground level. The LF foul pole also serves as the end pole of the fence and will need to be cut off at the appropriate height and remain as the fence pole. We will need a round top cap for the LF foul pole. Once it has been cut off, a galvanized top cap can be placed on top.

3. TL – John Lipka. Demolish batting cage down to the concrete pad. Place all scrap in the dumpster. We need to figure out if we want to keep any of the galvanized demo’d poles. The chain-link (on the field side) is all damaged and goes in the dumpster along with a used scrap roll in the storage area behind LF, used green carpet and wooden sub-flooring. Batting cage net needs to be taken down first, rolled up and stored away. The storage area down the LF line has some stuff in it that can be dumped too. District will come out after we are done and look at relocating the main water line access valve which will be visible once we remove turf and sub flooring.

4. TL – TBD. We need a plan for Big Bubba. Taking down the net and skirt, storing over the winder and then re-hanging each year is a major pain. Does anyone know or can someone research what they do for winterizing boats – the white shrink wrapped material? This team will also manually move via walking our BP ramp and four protective screens to the under hang outside of our indoor cages at the high school.. They go inside the locked chain-link for winter storage.

5. TL – John Lipka. Grind off metal supports that the old scoreboards (which have been removed) were bolted into. The heavy lifting on the removal of the old scoreboards has been completed. The board appreciates the efforts of Jeff Allen and Louie King on this project.

6. TL – TBD. Warning track. The duration to complete this project will extend beyond one day or one weekend. We plan to put in an 8-10 foot wide warning track. We will have a sod cutter at the field (from Sean at Hiwan?). This team will mark 8-10’ off the outfield fence and cut a row of sod at the mark. Some of the sod will be rolled up and placed down in our base cut-out areas which have grown too big over the years. If any volunteers want sod for their personal use ,they can take what they want, you just have to bring your own pallet or some other method of transport. The sod which is left over will be ground up using a JeffCo District provided machine. Then we plan on laying down crushed lava rock for a warning track. We are looking for any parents that have expertise in this area and that might know or have a contact at a local rock quarry or have equipment to help get this done.

7. TL – TBD. Roll up and secure outfield curtain. Flex ties will be needed for this. RF (taller curtain) is torn and just needs to be removed and thrown away in the dumpster. That will require unfastening top which is under the yellow plastic top cap. LF and RF curtain gets rolled up and flex tied but we need to cut it so we can access the swing gate in left center. That swing gate is important for snow removal and eventually moving warning track material in. We need to make sure both swing gates have their center poles not placed into the ground. Last Spring they were frozen solid into the ground and we could not access the field through this gate.

8. TL – Michael Mardosz. Concession stand, organize, winterize both floors. Ground floor needs a few wall-mounted cabinets and one base cabinet installed where old interior steps used to be. Mrs. Smith has a few requests such as lockable cabinets.

9. TL - John Bellatti. Insert high visibility plastic whiskers next to each sprinkler head into the grass to mark their location, aerate grass areas and put down winter fertilizer. We will use Hiwan’s very high end aerator (available from 10am Sat. to 4pm). The same team will also need to transport via wheel barrow a few loads of infield mix to the infield dirt cut-outs for winter settlement, and then rake in.

Please contact one of the following if you have questions:

John Lipka (303) 807-8974

Mike Read (303) 638-1442

Todd Schiro (760) 845-7811

Thank you!

Evergreen Baseball Boosters

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