1.3.20 Coach's Message

Re: 2020 Spring Break (SB) trip research and findings. Cost per player for travel, lodging and tournament play along with access to practice facilities.

Reference is made to my last coach’s message dated 12.7.2019 which detailed our research and findings related to our SB trip this coming March. Please review that message for trip details, our stated requirements and our collective efforts to keep costs to a minimum.

A lot of parents have asked for the estimated cost.

The anticipated cost per player is directly related to the number of players rostered to the V and JV teams. Rosters will not be set until after try-outs which are scheduled for 3/2-3/2020.

For SB 2020, here are the numbers:

If 28 players are rostered, cost per player will be $979.00

If 30 players are rostered, cost per player will be $959.00

If 32 players are rostered, cost per player will be $897.00

Player historical costs for the last 2 years where: 2018 $815.00 and for 2019 $945.00

Our Evergreen Cougar Booster Club (ECBC) Board will be creating a payment schedule. As mentioned in earlier messages, we have to pay the chartered bus in full 10 days prior to departure and we have to pay the Team hotel upon check-in. We have already advanced funds to the tournament since a registration deadline of 12.1.2019 had to be met in order to hold team slots for our V and JV teams. This tournament registration included administrative and umpiring fees (does not include the cost of game baseballs).

The District assisted us with the bid and risk assessment process for securing a chartered bus. Ace Express once again was selected. The Team hotel, Hampton Inn & Suites, Peoria Sports Complex has passed a risk assessment review for safety, security and access to required amenities.

Transparency is important. We have a spread sheet that documents the cost centers i.e. chartered bus service, team lodging and tournament related fees (games, practice facilities, umpires, baseballs).

Thank you.

Coach Lipka

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