1.25.2020 Coach's Message

Reference is made to my last coach’s messages dated 12.1 and 12.28 (2019) which detailed our research and findings related to our SB trip this coming March along with anticipated cost per player. Please review those messages for trip details, our stated requirements and our collective efforts to keep costs to a minimum.

This is our 1st coach’s message of the New Year and traditionally we summarize a few issues in advance of the approaching spring season.

Player apparel and gear needs have been listed and detailed as required and optional. Online stores where set-up and orders should have been received by now. Navy and white hats are also in and we have made them available to players. They are sized, hence the urgency for players to get their hat(s) NTL this week since ordering additional hats will take 6 weeks. Player cost per hat is $25.00 payable to th