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1.14.2020 Coach's Message

Re: Baseball Equipment Rule Changes for 2020

Here are a few reminders on items we are asked about each year.

Baseballs. For all competition, all baseballs must have both the NFHS and NOCSAE seal. The umpires have been told if there are insufficient such baseballs available, the game is to be suspended. Because this is a safety rule, if any changes in this policy are made, schools will be notified by email from the CHSAA office. Umpires will submit a report to CHSAA.

Chest Protectors. All catchers must have either a NOCSAE certified protector or a NOCSAE certified vest worn under any chest protector.

Catcher’s Helmet and Mask. All catchers must have either a NOCSAE certified helmet/mask combo (Hockey style) or a separate mask and helmet. If the helmet is separate it must be NOCSAE certified with dual ear flaps.

Jaw Protectors. A player may choose to have a jaw protector attached to his batting helmet. The “chin flap” may have been manufactured as part of the helmet or it may have subsequently been attached to the helmet. Either model is legal as long as the helmet is NOCSAE certified.


All personnel (coaches and players) in uniform must either be on the field or in the dugout except for ball chasers in the parking lot, etc.

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