09.01.2020 CHSAA COVID-19 Update

The following information has been extracted from a memorandum from Bert Borgmann (Assistant Commissioner for CHSAA) to CHSAA Softball Schools and CHSAA Umpires. The information applies to EHS Fall Cougar Baseball.


This is the single most difficult area for all concerned. Under CHSAA, game-day mandates:

  • Everyone must arrive to games wearing a mask.

  • All non-active participants (coaches, volunteers, managers, essential workers, security, medical personnel, and non-working officials) must wear a mask throughout the event/competition. This includes athletes not actively participating in competition.

  • All spectators must wear masks.

Coaches in the coaching box may be considered an “active participant” as long as they remain more than six feet away from any players on the field, but must put his/her mask on when returning to the dugout, having any interaction with a player on the field or when discussing a question with an umpire.

Reports to the CHSAA office are that schools are not enforcing the mask requirements for spectators.

It is the game administrator’s responsibility to ensure that all CHSAA, state, county and local mandates are enforced at these games.

EBB Board Statement

CHSAA and JEFFCO are monitoring conformance with CHSAA, state, county and local mandates. The Board respectfully requests that all spectators comply with all mandates. We need the help of parents to help police this. If we are found to be out of compliance, our season may be shut down. You don’t want to be the person responsible for having our baseball season shut down, do you?

Go Cougars!

Evergreen Baseball Boosters

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