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08.28.2020 Marucci Bats Available at Reduced Pricing

Marucci has released their new CAT9 BBCOR bat. If any players are interested Coach Lipka can get a reduced price on their CAT8 bats and a pro-deal price on the new CAT9 bats if we put in a consolidated team order.

If a player is interested in either the CAT9 or CAT8 bat, you need to provide the length (BBCOR are all -3). A sign-up form will be circulated through the coaches. Please complete the form if you are interested. Discounted pricing is not yet known but will be provided soon.

For reference, here are links to both bats:

Coach Lipka suggests having a BP bat for Fall and Winter hitting and a new bat for Spring.

Go Cougars!

Evergreen Baseball Boosters

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