02.07.2022 Tentative Spring Break Information (V/JV)

This is the information available at this time.

  • Teams

  • Varsity

  • Junior Varsity

  • Player Transportation

  • Parents are responsible for arranging travel to AZ for their players in the manner best suited to individual families.

  • There will be no bus (in previous years players had traveled by bus to/from Evergreen and Phoenix).

  • Request to Parents Traveling via Vehicle

  • We welcome any parents that are driving and have room in their vehicles to take team baseball equipment.

  • Travel Dates

  • Arrival

  • Monday 3/21

  • Afternoon practice

  • Departure

  • Sunday 3/27

  • Hotel for V/JV Players and Coaches

  • TownePlace Suites, Glendale

  • Check-in on Monday 3/21

  • Check-out on Sunday 3/27

  • For players arriving prior to 3/21, lodging will be with parents.

  • As previously messaged, there is a family block of rooms available for families that want to stay at the same hotel as the players.

  • Tentative Schedule

  • Practice

  • Mon, Wed, Fri (time and location to be determined)

  • Combined V/JV practices

  • Games – Varsity (3 games)

  • Games have been requested for Tue, Thu, Sat

  • Games have been requested for 4 or 7PM

  • Games – Junior Varsity (2 games)

  • Games have been requested for Tue, Thu, Sat (only 2 days of 3)

  • Games have been requested for 10AM or 1PM

* * * * * I M P O R T A N T * * * * *

Per our contract, hotel rooms for players and coaches have to be confirmed by 2/21. We are requesting parents to provide confirmation by 2/16 that their players will be traveling to AZ for baseball with the EHS V/JV teams. Please confirm via email to cougarsbbpresident@gmail.com and include the following information:

  • Player name

  • Player grade

  • Contact information for parents:

  • Names

  • Email addresses

  • Phone numbers

Go Cougars!

Evergreen Baseball Boosters

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